Real Augmented Reality

Real Augmented Reality, a new era in CG is approaching. My first real time Augmented Reality free of markers test. Based on: 1

Sealantis Syringe Project

Sealantis Syringe Project: Small modeling and rendering project. Rendered with Octane GPU based renderer. Special thanks to D


THE 400K PROTEST Augmented reality and Kinect technology as tool for political involvement part of the INFECTED Hackathon even

TEDx Jaffa Paradigm Shift Event Intro

Its the  second time I joined the TEDx Jaffa team to create a 3D animation Intro. (Previous post about TEDx) Short Version (

Concept visualization of Super Metering Pumps

CTMRI Scan to 3D model using Houdini.

CT Scan to 3D model using Houdini. Example :Project file Its implementation of Peter Barejko idea. I wish to thank him.

Augmented Reality

This videos I created comes from few month of idea developing, visualization and patent writing I was part of. ——&

The P project Goes Hanukkah

Wish You Happy Hanukkah! older post about the P -project

TEDx Jaffa Motion Graphics & “Wood-Like” fracture test.

TEDx Jaffa Motion Graphics Six days ago I was asked by Ali, the organizer of TEDx Jaffa to create short Motion Graphics intro

Original 3D Rubik cube project & Test for TEDx Jaffa

The Rubik cube rigging. TEDx Jaffa test.      

Parametric 3D Peppers.

Feel free to explore the 1st Test file First image from the P-project , This project will use L-system and Nurbs procedural mo

First footage of 3D surgery project.

Using cloth system and advance SOPDops techniques I started to simulate real tissue manipulations. physically right procedural

Flipping Box Presentation

Scripting project “Flipping Box” Maya. Download the script here MelPython languages .

Particle thruster presentation

One of my first projects ,Used Maya to generate the Particles and Eyeon Fusion to gain more control on the final result.

Creating virtual 360 Panorama – HoudiniUniversal Tutorial.

Universal method to create 3D Panorama using simple inverse cubic projection mapping procedure. Project file   Links: htt

L-system experiment 01

I have found my self drawing little “maze like” shape on paper and told my self , it will be nice to implement it

Python node to help Simplify geometry in Houdini

Short example of using python scripting in Houdini. The discussion in the code txt file

My heart with the people of Japan.

Houdini RBD Experiment (Inspiration)  

Play with Fractures on Correlix

Houdini Voronoi Fracture test. little sphere with physically attributes  breaking the box from the inside.