TouchDesigner Barakooda Examples I

During the last year people been asking for simple TouchDesigner 088 examples
I decided to pack some here, hope it will be helpful.
Please,don’t expect for the “most efficient” solution as this examples
made in my free time while helping users in the –
Official Derivative or Facebook forums.
For more┬ábasic node examples,Enter the “Operator Snippets” inside TouchDesigner.
Files folder for easier download.

1.Loop Swiping.

Loop Swiping example. Touch088

2.Camera Switch.

Camera Switch Touch088

3.Organic Cells.

Organic Cells Touch088

4.Collision detection technique (with only “Touch nodes”).

Collision detection technique Touch088

5.Sample removal by threshold.

Sample removal threshold Touch088

6.Instancing parts of image on geometry (offset).

Instancing image on geometry touch088

7.Basic Kinect UI interaction (Kinect v2).

Basic Kinect UI interaction Touch088.

8.Point attributes transfer to primitives.

Point2Primitive attribute transfer Touch088

9.Append row and sort.

Append row and sort Touch088

10.Random pre-generated shapes grid.

Random pre-generated shapes touch088

11.Wipe effect using Feedback (Camera).

Wipe effect using Feedback Touch088

12.Instancing using velocity and position attribute Touch088


Velocity orientation instancing Touch088





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