Barak`s Mantis Video Log


An attempt to create Pong game only on the Pixel\Fragment shader at Global Game Jam 2018 . Ended up with semi basic working ve

Pan-Touch Interactive Music companion.

“PanTouch” custom made music companion following your playing speed, Hours of experimental and musical fun. Won fi

Touch099 Particle system example.

On previous workshop  we approximately recreated known basic unreal scene in TouchDesigner. This time we are going to rec

Simple Unreal asset exporting to Touch099

Simple example of Unreal asset exporting to Touch099. Was presented in Mini TouchDesigner Workshop. Download here the Project

TouchDesigner VS Unreal

Rough attempted to create same project, 3D model turntable mechanism and rendering, Both in Unreal and TouchDesigner. Model an

MineCraft Houdini Procedural Asset for Unreal Engine

I was invited to show an example for Houdini Engine and some procedural modeling techniques at Unreal Engine – Israel us

Play your baked particle sequence in TouchDesigner.

Basic component Converts point position into texture for further vertex shader manipulations.Its very basic but can be very ha

Plovdiv Creative Media Workshop

The Creative Media Workshop took place in Plovdiv Bolgaria was in Hackaton format. Organized by  Petko Tanchev (Bulgaria) as

Augmented reality live stage First Prototype

This time I lead a team in V Squared Labs to create Augmented reality live stage system for BigGrams. We used few Kinect

3D space points traveling.

Hi, Here is example for moving from point to point  in 3D space . The transition behavior based on a motion curve that you ca

Santa Monica Pier Installation

This time I was honored to take role as operator in VT Production Design Project. with  Jarrett Smith ,Malclom,Akiko Yamashit

Heroes Reborn

This intensive project was a total fun! This is V Squared Labs project, we used Nvidia Flame Works  and other technologies t

Projected Room AR shooter game, proof of concept.

For more information click here.

Dynamic 3D Projection using orientation sensor.

This videos shows effort to create dynamic 3D projection on turning  statue. the statue pre scanned and UV mapped into 3D

TouchDesigner Barakooda Examples I

During the last year people been asking for simple TouchDesigner 088 examples I decided to pack some here, hope it will be hel

Captain Cup draft Oculus version.

I have attached two C920 Logitech USB cameras to the Oculus helmet. Each eye received different camera view and render and the

3D Projection mapping workflow.

Recently got the new EH501  projector (Super value and works great so far) to test workflow for complex 3D Proj

Captain Cup

Another day at the office,drinking coffee… Suddenly! Come and face the alien Invaders, defending the world with your own

RAR project goes Beta + “Yahoo Best Technical”

I published Teaser from my RAR WIP. The system also used in Yahoo Hack Israel to bring alive the idea of Deep Surfing Real Aug

TEDx Jaffa The Body Event Intro

Its the  third time I joined the TEDx Jaffa team to create a 3D animation Intro. Official TEDx Jaffa The Body intro : Sound